Dexter Has A Fitting New Job In Showtime’s Revival Series


In Better Call Saul (and after the events of Breaking Bad), Bob Odenkirk’s character, Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, changes his identity again and takes a low-profile job working at Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraska. After all, even fugitives have to make a living. It appears as though Dexter Morgan will follow a similar path, having faked his death in the original Series 8 finale after steering his boat out into a hurricane before resurfacing as a lumberjack in Oregon.

In the revival, meanwhile, it appears that Dexter will work a job similar in stature to that of Gene Takavic in Saul. We know that Dexter relocates to Iron Lake, N.Y. in the forthcoming revival, where he will face off against the ninth season’s villain, the mayor of Iron Lake played by Clancy Brown. Now we know how Dexter earns a living in Iron Lake.

Behind-the-scenes set photos from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts — where the final season was filming — appear to show the logo of the work vest he is wearing. He’ll be working at a place called Fred’s Fish & Game, a workplace strategically placed between a gun shop and a bait and tackle store, according to other set photos. Iron Lake, N.Y. appears to be an outdoorsy town. Michael Cyril Creighton, meanwhile, has been cast as Fred Jr., the son of the store owner, essentially confirming Morgan’s new position.

It’s a far cry from a blood spatter expert, but between the fish-and-game store, the gun shop, and the bait-and-tackle store, Dexter would seem to have access to all the tools necessary to continue perpetrating murders, which he’ll obviously continue to do, as foreshadowed in the last Dexter teaser. The teaser features a body wrapped in duct tape and plastic wrap, undoubtedly purchases he could have made in his own or the adjoining retail outlets.

Jennifer C. Carpenter’s Debra Morgan will also likely be along as his Dark Passenger, hopefully advising Dexter on how to deal with rude customers.

Source: Dexter Daily, Pop Culture

Source: Dexter Has A Fitting New Job In Showtime’s Revival Series

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