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Family Reunion Travel Is Great—but It’s Still Your Family

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I’m not usually one for travel trends. I recently tried a staycation in New York City at a nearby hotel, but ended up checking out a few hours later. It only dawned on me ex post: Why did I want to be 100 blocks from my more comfortable apartment in a small hotel room with two young kids and paying a small fortune?

Full disclosure: for me, travel tied to lifecycle events—having a baby, getting married—always has fallen in the same “forced fun” category as amusement parks, school reunions, New Year’s festivities, and bachelorette parties. The social pressure to enjoy oneself reliably kills the vibe.

If you had asked me pre-COVID about a family-moon, i.e., reunion travel with relatives beyond the nuclear family for the cliché -sounding purpose of “reconnecting,” the verdict would have been a hard pass. But that was before a phase in my life when I didn’t see my mom and stepfather in six months, the longest we’ve ever been apart. But for my kids, who are 3 years and 13 months, it was more like a lifetime. For my son, it was literally half his life. As the months passed, the anticipation built. We planned at least three—maybe four, I lost count—trips for them to come visit us but canceled all of them because it seemed silly for those in an at-risk demographic to travel with the vaccine so clearly coming soon. (The CDC has now greenlit travel for the fully vaccinated and says the risk is low for those in this category.)

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Source: Family Reunion Travel Is Great—but It’s Still Your Family

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