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The Giulianis’ Two-Man Clown Car Is Crashing and Burning

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It was a scene right out of Bonfire of the Vanities, as a line of press neatly tucked behind metal police gates watched as a gray haired socialite with enormous gold earrings stood behind a column of microphones and conveyed all of the excitement of seeing a search warrant served in her building on the man who had once been called “America’s mayor.”

She was followed by Andrew Giuliani, the poor man’s Eric Trump, who jabbed the air awkwardly while yelling furiously about how “If this can happen to the president’s lawyer, this can happen to any one of us”—the idea being that if Rudy were subject to the rule of law perhaps the rest of us would be too. It was a fascinating line of defense from Rudy’s large adult fail son, who’s now dreaming of taking his impressive career golfing with President Trump and being a famous person’s son into a run for governor against Andrew Cuomo.

But first this pastry-faced Andrew, still not ready for primetime 20 years after Chris Farley played him on SNL, was outside of his dad’s Madison Ave. apartment, talking pointlessly about Hunter Biden and declaring he was “speaking as a son and a concerned American” in reference to the 6 AM execution of search warrants at his father’s Manhattan office and home. Speaking as a daughter and a concerned American, the question the rest of us are asking is why it took so long? I’ll take interference from Bill Barr’s Justice Department for $200.

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Source: The Giulianis’ Two-Man Clown Car Is Crashing and Burning

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