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This Is My Go-To Pullover for Any Situation

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Scouting Report: This is the perfect transitional layer for lazy Sundays or early morning walks. It keeps me warm and comfy, but is stylish enough to wear out to dinner if need be.

The one thing I need in my closet, no matter the season, is a comfy, chunky pullover sweater. To me, it’s like chocolate: you save it for when you really need it, whether that’s cold snaps, morning walks, or just especially bad days. I used to be reliant on Patagonia’s version, but recently, I found a new, better option.

Wellen makes some excellent clothing, but their Dawn Patrol ½ Zip Pullover is my new favorite piece in my wardrobe. The pullover itself is made of fleece that is as sustainable as it is warm (which is to say very). There is a pull cord around the waist so you can tighten it to help keep cool air from ruining your warm feeling, and cuffs around the wrists so the fleece doesn’t get out of control and do its own thing. It has plenty of shape so you don’t look like a blob, but not too much, making it perfect for more comfortable situations. It’s a half zip, but I personally love the buttons that go over the zipper—it’s a better look in my opinion. Plus, right below the bottom of the zipper is a little pocket that is both stylish and functional—sometimes I pop my wallet in there if I’m running an errand, and it doesn’t jutt out or anything.

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Source: This Is My Go-To Pullover for Any Situation

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