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A blue state-red state vaccine divide is emerging

A blue state-red state vaccine divide is emerging in the United States, warns infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Hotez.

Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, tweeted Sunday that several states, many of them in the northeast, that have seen more than half of their population receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine have experienced significant decreases in coronavirus infections over the last two weeks. Hotez acknowledged that was good news, but he expressed concern about uneven distribution, with states like Wyoming, Alabama, and Louisiana struggling to get up to speed.

So that’s the good news. Now the bad news: look the bottom states in terms of vaccinations ID WY AL GA TN LA, across the nation a blue state vs red states vaccination divide is emerging. We need to fix this

— Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD (@PeterHotez) May 3, 2021

The politics-based divide Hotez fears isn’t without exceptions. For instance, South Dakota, a red state, has seen a 50 percent decline in cases over the last two weeks, per The New York Times, and has a one-dose vaccination rate of 45 percent, which is good for 22nd in the U.S., per Bloomberg. But Bloomberg‘s tracker shows that red states do make up the bulk of the lower-end of vaccination rates, which could mean it’ll be a longer road to sharp and steady infection declines.

Source: A blue state-red state vaccine divide is emerging

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