Billie Eilish Answers Justin Bieber’s Hygiene Question And More For ‘Vogue’

Billie Eilish made waves recently (as she tends to do) with a revealing new British Vogue photoshoot. Aside from that and the cover story, though, she also participated in the publication’s Ask A Legend series, in which she fielded questions from some other famous folks.

Justin Bieber came through with a challenging hygiene-related question, asking in a pre-recorded video: “I’m going to have to ask you a really, really serious question: Would you rather have fresh socks or fresh sheets?” Eilish responded, “Oh my god, I can’t have them both, Justin? It really depends on the situation. I really don’t wanna sleep in dirty sheets, and I really don’t wanna put on dirty socks, you know? I feel like fresh sheets, but also I… I can’t wear dirty socks. So maybe fresh shocks. But I love sheets, so either one.”

Finneas, who has regular access to Eilish and probably doesn’t need this forum to get answers from her, came through with a question as well, asking if there are any concerts of hers that she sees photos of but does not remember. She responding by mentioning an outfit she’s seen herself wear but doesn’t remember at all. She also told Dominic Fike that she just went on a date for the first time the day before the video was filmed.

She also fielded questions from Missy Elliott, Halle Berry, Denzel Curry, Avril Lavigne, Dominic Fike, Stormzy, Hailey Bieber, Arlo Parks, Orlando Bloom, Viola Davis, Tim Burton, Mel C, Jessie Reyez, and others, so check out the video above.

Source: Billie Eilish Answers Justin Bieber’s Hygiene Question And More For ‘Vogue’

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