Billie Eilish Has Serious Plans To Make An Animated Show: ‘It Will Happen’

After making Billie Eilish the subject of a new cover story and some head-turning photos, British Vogue also got her to participate in their Ask A Legend video series. In the 19-minute video, Eilish sat down and answered pre-recorded questions from some of her famous peers. One of Denzel Curry’s questions in particular sticks out, as it reveals that Eilish has serious plans to make an animated show, which Eilish herself then confirmed.

At 14:33 into the video, Curry said, “OK, I got it. Billie, I got two questions. Question number one: When are you and [Eilish’s longtime friend Zoe Donahoe] going to make that show y’all were telling me about on tour? That’s one. And two: When am I going to see y’all again?”

Eilish responded:

“I don’t know, I don’t know. Me and Zoe, one of my best friends I’ve known since I was a baby, we were on tour with Denzel in like summer of 2019 and we had this cool idea to make this show, and I won’t get into it because it will happen! It will happen. It’s this animated show, but I don’t know, Denzel. I got other things to do first, but it’ll happen and I’ll tell you about it and then… there you go. But I don’t know. I love you, though. I miss you. When we get vaccinated, we’ll be back to our lives and we’ll hang out every day like we used to, promise.”

Elsewhere in the video, Eilish answered questions from Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, Halle Berry, Denzel Curry, Avril Lavigne, Dominic Fike, Stormzy, Hailey Bieber, Arlo Parks, Orlando Bloom, Viola Davis, Tim Burton, Mel C, and Jessie Reyez, among others. Check it out above.

Source: Billie Eilish Has Serious Plans To Make An Animated Show: ‘It Will Happen’

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