How to gain clarity on what you want from your career

What if the biggest thing holding you back from a fulfilling career is your own lack of clarity about what you really want? In our April 29 workshop, part of the Quartz at Work (from home) event series, we spoke with a trio of experts who regularly help others sort out their professional goals.

Notably, none of our panelists are currently in the same type of job or even the same field in which they began their careers. Each shared their story of how they came to pinpoint what they wanted out of their work and how they got it. They also offered advice to audience members with questions about when it’s time to change careers, whether it’s worth going back to school, how much emphasis to put on money, and where to find mentorship in the absence of a formal program.

Click the large image above for the complete video replay. Below, we share highlights from the panel, followed by a Quartz at Work reading list for further exploration of topics covered in the workshop.

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Source: How to gain clarity on what you want from your career

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