We’ve Just Discovered Where to Buy Fine Jewellery That’s Affordable and Ethical

When you think of buying diamonds, especially for yourself, not many of us envision a very realistic scene. Audrey Hepburn and her croissant might come to mind before any ideas of online orders turning up at your door. But Edge of Ember is a jewellery brand that’s focused on changing that. We’ve had our eye on the brand for a number of years now, and always turn to them when searching for special but wearable layerable pieces, especially their delicate gold necklaces. But their new Conscious Diamonds collection is something else. 

Now on the second drop, these are fine jewellery pieces we can actually consider buying— and for ourselves no less (who doesn’t love a well deserved self-gift these days). The brand themselves say they aim to create ‘modern, everyday diamonds that feel like a second skin’, and that’s exactly how we’d describe them. 

Plus, as you can tell by the name, there’s a huge emphasis on sustainability, something important to consider when buying jewellery in the current climate. All the pieces are created using 100% 14k recycled yellow and white gold, so the quality remains— these are, after all, pieces made to be worn day in day out and not saved for special occasions. And they also exclusively use lab-grown diamonds. 

If you haven’t come across lab-grown diamonds before, they’re basically the future of fine jewellery in a conscious world. The science bit? They’re physically, chemically and aesthetically identical to mined diamonds but created above the ground from real diamond seeds, made under the same conditions that occur beneath the earth’s surface, which makes them ethically the wiser choice. Plus, they’re more affordable, which we’re never going to complain about. 

The 16-piece drop includes cute new studs for the perfect ear party, pretty necklaces for everyday layering and stackable rings, all proving Edge of Ember’s modern approach to timeless pieces you can still treasure. So, keep scrolling to shop the brand new collection as well as some of our favourite pieces from the first drop too.

Source: We’ve Just Discovered Where to Buy Fine Jewellery That’s Affordable and Ethical

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