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Facebook’s Toothless, Authoritarian ‘Oversight Board’ Is Downright Trumpy

Upheld. Ruled. Overturned. Remanded for further clarification.

To listen to the news Wednesday morning, you might think that a Court had made a decision, one worthy of the analysis of legal scholars, plumbing it for precedent and meaning.

In fact, what happened is that Facebook—much like many other big corporations that pay outside consultants huge fees to help make decisions—hired a bunch of elites with good CVs. And then—like many corporate consultancies–it gave them a tiny little slice of corporate decision-making to review. The grandiosely named “Oversight Board” which“ruled” today that Donald Trump can’t yet rejoin Facebook and Instagram—actually lacks any capacity to understand the financial motivations and metrics behind Facebook’s decisions, or to mandate a different business model. It is simply corporate consultancy rebranded as an “Oversight Board.”

Source: Facebook’s Toothless, Authoritarian ‘Oversight Board’ Is Downright Trumpy

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