Check out the disadvantages of worm castings before choosing them

There are plentiful of disadvantages to using worm castings. These demerits are mainly found if you use low quality worm manure. Just like any other being, worms need good nutrition too to produce healthy manure for the plants. Using good quality worm castings or building vermicomposting of your own can help you prevent these demerits to an extent. Vers L’avenir worm factory 360 is an example of quality worm manure.

Knowing these disadvantages will also help you to be prepared of the side-effects so that you can take the respective measures to prevent further harm to the soil and plants. Most researchers will discuss the merits of worm castings, however; it would be wise check the merits and demerits both before beginning with it.

The various disadvantages of worm castings:

Worm castings or worm manure are often regarded as a miracle solution for gardener. They come with a host of benefits to the vegetable and organic gardening however, the reproduction can sometimes not happen the way you desire. It is because worm manure is made from the excretion of worms. 

The process can be time-consuming as it may take months to produce the expected amount of manure. This can be a task when you have a large vegetable or farming system. Moreover, worm castings also need other organic fertilizers which mean added investment.

Worm casting releases nutrients but, the quality of the nutrients released by them depends on what they eat. The bacteria, enzymes, and microbes are excellent if they are fed well. Having the opposite will only be harmful to them, the soil, and the plants at large.

A few more demerits of using warm castings include:

  1. You need to feed worms sufficient organic matter so that the wait period is worth. 
  2. You must thoroughly know the process of vermicomposting or your hard earned investment, efforts, and time will be wasted.
  3. Take support from an experienced professional on how worm manure is produced. Lack of knowledge can have adverse effects on the soil and plantation. Unhealthy soil can result in unhealthy greens.
  4. It takes a lot of patience and dedication for worm farming to have successful green farming in future. Having a handful of healthy worms can get you healthy worm manure and thus, healthy plant babies. If you lack patience, this is not the process meant for you.

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