Drive Away Insomnia with Surprising Remedies

Right from taking natural supplements to practicing mindfulness meditation techniques, every one of them is usually effective against insomnia. Despite the fact that the quantity and quality of sleep of an insomniac varies from one individual to another, certain home remedies can blow your mind. Here they are:

Massage therapy

Several studies have shown that massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to combat insomnia. Even depression, anxiety, and stress are automatically quelled upon going for some much-needed massage therapy. Before you can immerse yourself in somebody’s massages, get a skin patch test to evade the issue of allergies and more. In case you have some reservations about a professional massage session, you can always go in for some self-massage. Alternatively, try CBD and CBN for sleep after consulting with your physician as to whether there are any impeding factors that can prevent you from enjoying its benefits.


According to the Vedic tradition, yoga naturally helps you recover your healthy sleep patterns from before. Even your mental focus and physical functioning may automatically get enhanced the moment you start practicing yoga regularly. Remember to make sure that you perform at least twenty minutes of yogic exercises every day with a professional yoga practitioner. Meditation, when fused with yoga, can bring you immense health benefits. Forcing yoga on yourself through a speeding up of the same, thinking that it will expedite the results, is not recommended. On the contrary, controlled and slow movements without jerks are more helpful in the case of insomniacs.

CBD oil

CBD oil as a natural sleep enhancer is the best product so far in the list. Just like one of the pure essential oils, cannabinoid oil can naturally enhance your sleep and ameliorate your sleep patterns. Simply following the dosage recommendations provided on the pack of the products of CBD and CBN for sleep can give you the desired results without absolutely any side effects.

Make sure that you ask your doctor which one of the following two ingredients is effective against insomnia – cannabinoid or cannabinol. Since cannabis contains high amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), its extract cannabinol is mildly psychoactive and can give you some amount of high. Due to its high THC content, cannabinol is not considered a legally acceptable medicine. On the other hand, the oil derived from cannabidiol is legally permitted for use as a medicine against insomnia due to its low THC content. Drumroll for the winner, cannabinoid, please! Enjoy stress-free sleep with CBD oil!