How to use custom tote bags to grow your business?

Custom tote bags serve as a continual reminder of your brand and may help your company develop quickly.

However, in order for tote bags to properly express your message, they must be placed in the hands of your customers so that they may utilize them.

There are several methods to distribute bespoke promotional things, and here are ten possibilities for growing your brand using custom reusable shopping bags.

Ways custom tote bags can help your business grow

Public relations

Collaborate with a local charity or non-profit to distribute personalized tote bags to individuals in need, or use the bags to build care packages. Make sure to publish updates on the bags and the giveaway on social media and your blog, as well as send out a press release so that local news sources may cover the story.


Make bespoke custom tote bags with your sales consultants’ contact information for them. The bags are then filled with pamphlets, catalogs, unique eco-friendly pencils, and notepads. While all of the goods will be valuable and educational, the tote bags will be remembered long after your sales representative has dropped them off.

Trade shows and hybrid events

Trade exhibitions are making a comeback, as are hybrid events. As a result, there is a need for the omnipresent trade show bags. Attendees eagerly forward to the freebies they may gather at trade events, so offer your clients what they want while also connecting with prospects.

We have published a useful hybrid event checklist to help you prepare for your forthcoming event.

Go reusable now to make recycling easier

According to research, customers are more inclined to conduct business with an eco-friendly brand. Customizing reusable recycling bags is a terrific way to offer your consumers what they want while also showing them that you care about helping them live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Custom earth promos bags make recycling simple for renters living in flats, condominiums, and other multi-family residences. These bags are not only constructed from recycled materials but they have also been shown to promote recycling rates.

Maintain the happiness of your important wfh employees

We are all aware that maintaining staff and acquiring new employees is quite challenging at the moment. Keep your prized work-from-home workers pleased by providing them with a method to contribute to the reduction of surplus recycling? Addressing the challenges associated with recycling helps to simplify the waste stream while also making it simple for your team members to become green.

Provide your audience with what they want

As we discussed in a previous piece on how to successfully sell to millennials and gen z, it is critical to find a strategy to capture their attention when marketing to these demographics. Promotional items perform well with this population, and eco-friendly reusable bags leave a lasting impact and can help you advertise your brand successfully to this demographic and others.

Assist your customers in going green

Plastic bag bans are well-established in several locations and are rapidly spreading to others. Because there is a greater need for reusable shopping bags, now is an excellent opportunity to design your own personalized reusable tote bags. Your clients will have an eco-friendly option to transport products home from the shop while also spreading your branding message.

Branded merchandise

Make personalized merchandise to sell in your online or physical business. Your dedicated followers will be thrilled to get an eco-friendly reusable bag and represent your company, while also increasing brand awareness.