Lingerie guide: What type of bra to wear under different outfits.


We tend to under estimate the effects of wearing the wrong bras with some of the outfits. But in reality, it changes the whole look and feel of the outfit. When you are going to anywhere put in some effort to dress why waste the outcome by wearing the wrong bra and making the whole outfit look shabby? So here is a quick guide to know which type of bra you should go for under a certain outfit as lingerie plays an important role in the final presentation of your outfit.

  1. Tshirt Bra: Well this should not be hard to guess… As the name suggest these tshirt bras are usually worn under tshirts and shirts. They are known to give fuller coverage along with the additional support so that your breasts do not look saggy. They are made in a way that you cannot see them through the thin fabric of the tshirt. Another important thing is that they provide you with the needed comfort when worn under tshirts.
  2. ¬†Soft Cup Bras: These are commonly worn and known as the everyday bra as they are many times bought by women from all age groups. The main reason why they are so common in India is that these are perfect for your regular saree blouses. And since most of the middle and old age women even in today’s time wear sarees on daily basis they end up choosing bras like this one. These bras are available in different digitally printed designs that help you get a subtle variety.
  3. Seamless Bra: Seamless bras are a savior for all the body hugging clothes that we wear. It has been the go to bra for many young girls for all their party outfits as the seamless fit ensures that the shape of the bra is not visible under the tight fit clothes. To be honest as per our Indian Markets these are pretty underrated as they are not known by many people. You can get these seamless bras in neutral shades so that they can blend well with all the outfits.
  4. Padded Bra: Any sheer outfit that you always are planning to wear but tend to avoid wearing it at the last moment with the fear that your nipples might pop out. These padded bras are a savior for you as the give proper coverage. The padded bras are known to be worn under outfits that are made of not so thick fabric where your nipples can be easily traced. Another advantage of wearing these bras is that they help you get an added bust wherein your bust is amplified and prominently seen in all the outfits.
  5. Wired Bra: Wired bras are known to provide a lifted look for your breasts. So if you are someone who is insecure about the breast size then this is the perfect bra for you. The wired bra and the plunged neck bras are the most worn with Indian outfits that have a deep neck or top that have a deep cut so that your cleavage is seen.