Many advantages of using steel piping and tubing 

Today, most buildings make use of steel as the major material to impart strength to the core of the building. In layman’s terms, steel in buildings can be equated to calcium in the bones in the human body. 

The foundation strength and structural strength are never compromised by any contractor in any project. So when it comes to selecting the right quality steel pipes and tubes, Stealth pipe and Steel products can be considered without any second thoughts.

Types of steel products used in a building 

Steel is an integral part of buildings today. Steel is used for a variety of purposes in construction projects. Listing below are some of the major advantages of steel in a building:

  1. Recyclability is another major reason why steel is becoming popular in the construction industry. 
  2. Fire resistance is another major reason for the mass popularity of steel beams and columns even in residential buildings.
  3. Resistance to earthquakes is a crucial feature of steel in buildings. 
  4. The adaptability and ease of alterations give steel special attention among its peers.
  5. The aesthetic appeal of steel is never in doubt for contractors.
  6. Environment friendliness is another major advantage of steel in buildings. The light nature of steel also makes it suitable to transport around with ease. 
  7. Energy efficiency is another advantage of steel. In cold climates, a double-lined steel wall can give better insulation from the harsh climate.

These are some of the main advantages of using steel in buildings. 

Now let’s discuss the different uses of steel in a building:

  • As a superstructure base.
  • As roofing material. The energy efficiency is increased multifold.
  • As columns and beams that hold the structure.
  • As side railings and stairs.
  • In the elevators and escalators.
  • In the drainage system.
  • In shelves and decorative furniture.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses of steel in a building, the major use of steel comes in the piling of foundation.

Nowadays, most heavy projects use pipe piling as the foundation. This is to withstand the massive load of the superstructure. Pipe piling is easy to fix and alter. Also, the affordability of pipe piling is huge. 

Most people find pipe pilings as the most effective piling material due to the increased endurance of steel. 

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