Reasons to choose private tours

Do you want to travel exclusively with your family or a group of friends, so that you are surrounded only by your own? Do you have your own view on the excursion program, your wishes for rest on the island, and the desire for greater involvement and comfort? Pay attention to individual Halkidiki tours that will bring you lots of positive emotions.

High level of convenience

Yes, you can take a car, and we can even help you with this – it can be comparable in terms of money, but along with the car you will take all the additional inconveniences, and all the costs, and all the risks. In addition, one of you must become a driver for the rest, which means focusing on the road, not on the views and sights, and the corresponding fatigue at the end of the day, and the inability, for example, to have a full dinner with wine in a tavern. Going to the winery as a driver can be completely pointless.

In the case of private Halkidiki catamaran cruises, you will not have any worries. You can not only move freely along the route but also change it even while driving, without fear of getting lost. In other words, you can definitely have a great time, see, learn, taste and experience more!

What can you see in Greece?

From the innumerable possibilities of this region, everyone will be able to choose a route to their liking: see the majestic pillars of Meteor, which are almost impossible to believe in the innocence of hands, drive through the lost towns of Thessaly with their miniature minarets and the dizzying smell of coffee, or renounce modernity to the roar of the wine-colored sea. The sea will lead the traveler further – to the world of island Greece, no less rich and diverse than its mainland expanses.