The rate of evolution of mobile technology keeps increasing every year. When seeking the best and most advanced Android phone with a lot of features, without a doubt, one device trumps all the rest which is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Joining a company at the forefront of innovation in its S series, the S24 Ultra further demonstrates what a smartphone is and can be. It has an outstanding display, wonderful performance, excellent cameras, a long battery life, a premium design, and the latest operating system, all of which make it stand out. This article highlights 6 major features that make the Samsung s24 ultra price in uae start selling at AED 4,199.

1. Stunning Display

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is among the most dazzling displays out of any smartphone. With its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display which measures 6.8 inches, everything that you will watch or view on this phone will look absolutely amazing. The screen, on the other hand, guarantees Quad HD+ resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and viewing, and a brightness of up to 1,750 nits. This enables the display such that it is clearly visible under the most direct sunlight.

2. Powerful Performance

This display doesn’t just show off its content, it is powered by the most powerful chips right now – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Such a processor is just a God-gifting, being much faster and smoothing any task of any kind. Whether you’ll be able to switch between multiple apps without a hitch, play the most demanding games with zero lag, or do whatever you want – the phone will remain consistent, and you’ll barely ever notice it was running heavy tasks. Also, with up to 16GB of RAM S24 takes the lead in the power department and is ready for the job you can possibly imagine.

3. Versatile Camera System

It is the S24 Ultra that urges Samsung to step up its cameral technology even higher. There is a quad-camera setup in the back with the main 108MP sensor, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto that features 3x optical zoom, and another 10MP telephoto with 10x optical zoom. This enables you to get high-quality pictures from an extreme angle that is wide-angle all the way to a close-up shot from afar. Distinct 100x/ Space Zoom allows you to get so close to objects even from a great distance away.

4. Long Battery Life

Intel’s S24 Ultra with its high specs and powerful processors can still provide almost a day of full battery life. it is packaged with a 5,000mAh battery which ensures an extended battery life for activities that demand intensive use. Do not forget that the screen consumes a lot of power even if it is turned on very often, thereby giving you around 8 – 10 hours of screen-on time on a single charge. This feature means you can stream videos, browse the web, and even use your favorite apps for long hours before needing a charging.

5. Premium Design

Joining the technological advancements, Samsung doesn’t reject the design influence. The S24 Ultra impresses with its sleek design, majestic bezel-less display, and comfortably curved edges. It feels high-end to hold it back-glassed and the aluminum chassis. It also has high durability which is perfect for everyday use with an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. In case you knock or splash the gadget without any fear you will show it off.

6. Latest Software Features

Samsung delivers the latest and top version of Android OS with its One UI shell on top of it. The S24 Ultra comes with Android 13, and One UI 5 bundled up. Customization options and privacy settings are enhanced, and AI features are becoming more intelligent. Samsung also claims up to 4 generations of Android Operating System upgrades so your phone will remain up to date for a long time. It offers unique functions like DeX which can be used as a PC/TV mirror.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a heavyweight phone in the smartphone world that gives you a complete sensual experience. With the all-seeing screen, unmatchable speed, multiple cameras, longer battery life, premium design, and latest software – it’s a perfect pack. The phone’s combination of top-notch specifications and features coupled with its very competitive price samsung s24 price in uae starting from AED 4199 are definitely reasons to invest in Samsung’s flagship model.