Support education for girl child in India NGOs

Non-governmental organizations have proven to be one aspect of society that cannot be done away with. Although most people do not trust them, there are legit ones working to help others. Education for Girl Child in India has been an initiative that started slowly. However, NGOs like Nanhi Kali have made this achievable. This means you can help them reach more girls. This can be done without moving. You can be in another country and on another continent to help more girls.

More girls having a voice

Since the year 1996, Nanhi Kali has done a lot of work to make sure girl child education in India is something that is taken seriously. The NGO has worked with the firm belief that when a child is educated, it will help in building a strong India. Also, they believed before they started this initiative that child marriage was wrong and that when girls were educated more, it would reduce that. Well, that seems to have worked to some extent. Since it has worked to some extent, you can decide to join in to help other girls too. Since the year 1996, the organization has been able to help keep a lot of girls from becoming the light and hope of their families. Marriage is not bad. However, when a girl is made to get married at a very young age for reasons that the elders think are right for them, things go wrong. The life of a girl matters too. That is why education for girl in India should not be taken lightly at all.

Giving these girls a chance to decide

They are managed by K. C. Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation. These bodies have jointly done their best since the year 2005 and have done so much. How? They have done so much to improve children’s lives and their understanding of life and education. When a girl is educated, she is given a chance to fight for her life and destiny. That is why a lot of girls have run to the NGO for help in this direction. Currently, there are sponsors who help and put in money and other resources from all over the world. This is good considering it is for a good cause. All NanhiKalis are provided with academic, social, and material support whenever it is needed to ensure they have a quality education. That is what makes the biggest difference. Helping a girl’s child’s education is not something that is complicated. It aids in breaking the intergenerational flow or cycle of social evils, social norms, myths, poverty, and other issues that Indians and other cultures around the world are bound by. One thing about the Nanhikali project is that it is an initiative that is participatory. So, you can also contribute to this project, support girl child education, and see the lives of many girls transformed.


Education for girl child in India should be taken seriously, and with bodies like NanhiKali taking the right course, you can decide to join in. When you visit the websites of bodies that champion the cause of girl child education in India, you will find that a lot of these sites do their work even without much help from sponsors and donors. That shows how much they are dedicated to the cause.