Top Rated Benefits Of Ball Screw You Must Know

Do you know that ball screws are originally known as antifriction nuts as it is a mechanical device that helps people to convert rotational motion into linear motion? Along with that, it also has a long threaded shaft with ball bearings to withstand persistent stress and weight. This all is done by minimizing friction.

Additionally, typically a ball screw only has a nut and a screw and hence there are some helical indentions formed on the outside of both the screws and nuts which allows the ball bearings to take a roll between them. Also, as the ball screw HBN (บอลสกรู HBN, which is the term in Thai) rotates, the ball bearing would then travel to the return system before actually changing direction.

History Of Ball Screw!

It is to be noted that Ball screws were invented by Rudolph G. Boehm in the late 1920s. As of today, ball screws are used in almost all manufacturing industries. All the electrical equipment is made using ball screws. Now you would believe how important this equipment is in the manufacturing industry.

Moreover, there are countless applications in which these ball screws are used. Some of them are 3D printers, automobiles, missiles, airplanes, machinery, equipment, and more. Isn’t it amazing equipment? Well, it is the most essential element in the manufacturing industry. However, if you are a manufacturing company, then you need to first know about this a little more.

Benefits Of Ball Screw!

1. They Are Highly Cost-Efficient

For your information, the hydraulic or pneumatic system consumes high external power, whereas ball screws consume relatively less external power and this is the reason why most manufacturers prefer to use these to produce electrical gadgets. Moreover, these have a relatively long life span and at the same time are cost-effective.

2. Ball Screws Are Efficient

As compared to other types of screws, ball screws are highly efficient, and hence these boast at least 90% efficiency in comparison to lead screws as they only have 20% to 80% effectiveness. With this, we mean that ball screws can convert rotary motion with linear motion rapidly as compared to other types of screws.

3. Are Capable To Carry Heavy Loads

One thing which makes the manufacturers buy ball screws is that they can carry huge weights with ease and utmost efficiency. Moreover, they do not take much time to carry heavy loads, and that too with efficient speeds.