Understanding Why Granite Countertops Have the Best Durability

When it comes to kitchen countertops, one can select from a wide variety of materials, styles, designs, and much more. However, for the longest, granite has been the most favorable choice amongst homeowners due to its colors, designs, and most importantly, its durability.

Granite is impeccably strong and nearly withstands all types of pressures, scratches, spills, and other damages. 

Here, let us take a deeper look at why granite is the most durable of all materials available for a kitchen countertop.

How is granite derived?

Granite is one of the most common and naturally occurring igneous rocks. An igneous rock is essentially made after the lava or magma from a volcanic eruption cools down and solidifies. 

The chemical composition of granite includes multiple minerals. Some of the major ones include mica, feldspar, quartz, silica, and other major trace minerals.

The mixture of these minerals in the right quantity gives granite its ultimate strength along with the beautiful designs and textures. However, raw granite slabs do not have much beauty in them. The textures, colors, and designs are only accentuated after proper polishing.

Again, certain types of granites are not suitable for use as a kitchen countertop. These granite slabs crack after they are brought out into normal air due to expansion and change in temperature. Usually, these granite slabs are under immense pressure in the quarries for ages.

Are granite countertops safe for the household?

The reason why many consider granite countertops unsafe for households is due to the presence of radon in them. Radon is one of the noble gases derived from the decay of radium, a radioactive element. Granite is one of those naturally occurring rocks that contain small amounts of radon in it, which comes during its century-long formation process.

However, there is nothing dangerous about the presence of radon on your kitchen countertop. The small quantity of radiation does not do any harm to the human body and experts have noted granite slabs to be free of any danger.

Should you choose granite?

Keeping in mind certain essential factors like budget, choice, and intensity of use, granite is always a better option if you are looking for durability and longevity. Additionally, the beauty of granite is also mesmerizing with all the natural veins and patterns running across the slabs.

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