Unique Wardrobe Designs that will grab everyones attention

A good and well-designed wardrobe is not always about how well-developed and amazing it looks in your bedroom; durability and functionality are also very important, and if you want all three elements in your wardrobe design, then a marble laminate wardrobe won’t disappoint. As timeless as marble is, it gives off a luxurious and classy vibe, and who doesn’t want that in their bedroom? And since marble has both feminine and masculine accents, you need not worry about disagreeing with your partner on selecting a marble laminate wardrobe for your bedroom. Although you may need a flexible budget for a marble laminate wardrobe, it is worth the money and time that you’ll spend selecting one.

There are a few ideas and designs you can incorporate in your bedroom that will further enhance the look and feel of your marble laminate wardrobe, and we are here to help you with that.

  1. Matching marble floor tiles: Depending on what style and design you choose for your marble laminate wardrobe, you can instal matching marble floor tiles in your bedroom for a simple but luxurious aesthetic. If you want a little distraction, you can add wood laminate doors or drawers at the bottom of your wardrobe.
  2. Pattern and finish: If you are considering installing natural marble, then you should absolutely go for it because it has an irreplicable pattern and each slab of marble is different, making your wardrobe all the more special and unique. Natural marble comes in a variety of colors, including off-white, ochre, grey, and even black.However, marble isn’t efficient, as it engraves easily and is susceptible to heat. You can counter this issue by going with a matte laminate finish over the marble.
  3. Minimal decor – One perk of having a marble laminate wardrobe in your bedroom is that you don’t need to have much decor in the room. A marble laminate wardrobe alone acts as a statement piece, and the more minimal you go, the more spacious and luxurious it looks.
  1. Open marble wardrobe: For the kids’ bedroom, you can go for an open marble laminate wardrobe with white marble and golden or black patterns. This design makes it easy and convenient for the little ones to reach out for their clothes or accessories at any given time. You can decorate the open wardrobe by placing their pictures or plushies in one of the open compartments. Although it occupies some space in the room, the open marble laminate wardrobe makes the room look and feel more spacious.

However, selecting the right marble is no easy task. Before making a purchase, make sure you test the marble for any stains and cracks. Artificially coloured marble is sometimes covered with sealant, which is a type of mechanical seal that helps preserve the colour of the marble. Natural marble, on the other hand, is raw, so scratches come on display easily. We advise you to scratch the marble and check to see if the marble is raw or artificial. Cleaning the marble is easy too; all you need is a clean cotton cloth, mild liquid detergent, and stone cleaner, and voila, your marble is as clean and new as it was when you first installed it.