What are trans escorts in Lyon and should you fuck them?

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Trans escorts are girls with dicks. How come? Well, they used to be men like you and me, but they decided to take hormones and maybe have some surgery to look more feminine. This makes them feel good about their bodies and gives them all sorts of advantages in the bedroom. There are two types of trans escorts, those who have not had surgery (pre-op) and trans escorts who have had surgery (post-op). Whichever type of trans escort you choose to fuck, you won’t go wrong because you’ll leave the bedroom 100% satisfied in every case.

Because they have transitioned to the opposite sex, trans escorts have 10x more experience in the bedroom than your average escort. Their skills exceed any regular escort you’ve ever seen because they’ve been on both sides of the table. What I mean by that is that they used to be men who got sucked off and fucked girls. Today, they are girls with dicks that are amazing at getting you to rave, suck dicks and please all genders. Thanks to their double agent character, you will receive some of the best sexual pleasures of your life.

Fucking with trans escorts is also a lot of fun because they are open to all sorts of things. With them, you will be able to do most of the things that you can think of. They have tried most of the things there are to try and they want more! Trans escorts are always willing to play with sex toys and do things they have never done before.

Finally, trans escorts have more than affordable rates, especially if you consider what you get for your money. So go ahead, make an appointment with one of them and have the best night of your life.