What Services do HVAC Contractors provide?

HVAC Contractors

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and refers to the climate control systems installed at our homes and office spaces.  When you look for an HVAC contractor, you probably know that not every HVAC contractor has the same set of skills and experience. The technicians are generally trained in three major areas of HVAC, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Read on to know what services do HVAC contractors provide?

  1. Maintenance: Maintaining your air conditioner is important as it can help your unit last longer and save on power consumption. Inspection and maintenance services focus on checking pipes and tube joints for leakages, testing thermostats, testing electric circuits, cleaning air ducts, inspecting fans and motors, checking and filling refrigerant levels, and troubleshooting various components for proper efficiency of the product. Also, some repair warranties and manufacturers’ annual maintenance remain valid.
  1. Repairs: The next step for maintenance is the repair work that is required when any kind of damage is discovered in the product. It includes installing, repairing, and replacing faulty parts on a heating or cooling system to get the air/heat conditioner run efficiently. This is where the focus is because you cannot hand over your product to any in-experienced HVAC contractor.
  1. Installation: The task included in the installation are surveying and inspecting the current setup and taking measurements to know that the product is of the proper size and capacity for the home or office space, and de-installing the current setup. It also includes tasks like installing ductwork, tubing pipes, wiring, tubing electrical supply lines, and providing a final check after the installation is complete to know that the product is safe to use.

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