Why is RCN cable the best option in 2022?

The market is currently filled with cable companies that are trying to entice you into signing a long-term contract by giving promises for amazing deals. However, RCN broadband is not one of them. They always offer only monthly options, and the prices are on the lower spectrum of the market.

Unfortunately, however, RCN broadband is not made for everyone. This network is active only in DC Metro, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Leigh Valley. However, RCN has made things simple by offering only one TV subscription and simple bundle options to its customers.

Let’s have a look at each of the specifics to understand if this is the ideal cable TV option for you and your family. If you do not live in the above-mentioned areas, you won’t be able to avail yourself of the services of RCN TV. Therefore, reading further is only beneficial if you are a resident of the above-mentioned regions.

Advantages of opting for RCN TV services

  • You can avail of packages without opting for a contract
  • They have a low-cost TV option and the option of availing of a bundle.

Disadvantages of opting for RCN TV services

You get only one TV plan.

The add-on expenditures like DVR and other equipment are not a part of the main price.

The company only has one bundle option to offer to customers.

What are the rates of RCN cable?

RCN cable has tried to offer flexibility and affordability with the TV plan. Even though there is only one. As stated previously, RCN broadband is currently available only in six cities all over the US. Each of these cities has one TV plan. However, the cost is different in each of the zones.


  • The monthly price is $94.07.
  • You will avail of over 287 channels.


  • The monthly price is $94.90.
  • You will avail of over 304 channels.


  • The monthly prices are $91.52 per month.
  • You will avail of over 289 channels.

Leigh Valley

  • The monthly price is $84.59
  • You will avail of over 294 channels

New York

  • The monthly prices are $96.31
  • You will avail of over 300 channels.


  • The monthly prices are $82.80.
  • You will avail of over 291 channels

Even though there are different prices for different zones, you will still realize that the cable bill in the case of RCN cable would be less compared to any other cable-TV provider in the same region. Thus, you must take advantage of this opportunity.

The best part about RCN cable-TV is that the minimal approach extends to the contract as well. Thus, there are no contracts to bind the customers. A contract is not a part of any of the plans offered by the company. The rates of RCN cable are guaranteed for the first 12 months. You are allowed to cancel anytime without worrying about any termination fee. However, there may be certain additional expenses like equipment, taxes, installation, activation. These are not a part of the package and can increase in rate.

Installation costs in case of RCN cable TV

If you check the website of the company, there you will find that installation charges are $50. However, you do not necessarily have to add to your bill. You can avail the option of free installation. The company is not to give out installation components as of the fall from trees. To know if an installation coupon is currently available, Google’ RCN installation coupon’ and hit search. You will most likely find one. Alternatively you can call RCN customer service to know the same.

Activation charges are self-explanatory. If you require a TV outlet placed in your home, RCN TV services will do it for $35 per outlet.

Other accessory cable fees in case of RCN cable

  • The activation fee is 9199 dollars and is a one-time fee.
  • The TV outlet installation price is $35 for each outlet.
  • The charges with equipment and to increase with every TV that is added to the plan. In the converters, you can choose between an HD or a digital one. If you opt for the HD converter, you need to add $43 to your monthly bill.

If you have one TV, the HD converter price would be six dollars monthly, and that is, you can order price would be two dollars monthly. If you have two TVs, the HD converter price would be $24.45 per month, while the digital converters’ monthly charges would be $30. If you have three TVs, the rental fee for the HD converter would be $42.90 per month, while the rental fee for the digital converter would be $24 per month. If you have 4 TVs, you will pay $61.35 per month for the HD converter and $35 in the case of the digital converter.