Wine As An Investment – My Reasons And Experiences

Seeing wine as an investment goes beyond building your portfolio and reaching your financial goals. Aside from those things, you can expect those with sentimental value, such as making memories with your loved ones or experiences relating to this exciting beverage.

My experience was generally pleasant because I already knew some things before exploring this side of the bottle, such as the promising benefits of investing in these things or the things you get aside from the financial rewards.

Let me share my reasons for going down this path, and make sure you follow the trivial tips I will give:


Have you noticed how some sommeliers get excited when opening more than a ten-year-old bottle or something that has been inside the cellar for many years? I am sure you have heard or seen this before. In my case, the timeless connotation of wine and the prolonged storing made me decide to explore the investment side of things. There is also a historical context in most cases, so consider that!


I love meeting new people who share the same appreciation I have for the things I love, such as business, finance, sports, automobiles, travelling, and, of course, wine! When someone told me about the possibility of meeting people from different backgrounds, it appealed to me because I have always liked mingling and learning from varying points of view. In fact, someone taught me the fundamentals of wine transporting during a random event with fellow lovers.


There is no need to open the bottle that complements the steak you have cooked or drink a few glasses that go well with the pasta dish you ordered outside. Appreciating food does not require wine, but that was one of my reasons because the idea of pairing them has always left a curious tone inside my head. I usually find myself wondering why Chardonnay goes well with fish or how people pick the best dessert wine for a slice of chocolate cake.


I love inviting friends and family over to my humble abode for simple dinners because I always want company after a long day. Because of that, I usually keep my small cupboard with a few special bottles until I have learned how to curate one myself because someone has taught me about preserving wine or picking bottles that have more value than the others. Also, they serve as a conversation starter, which I love because explaining them to people makes me happy!

I love wine with all my heart because of the realisation that it goes beyond the beautiful appearance of the stemware and the flavour profile I ponder upon when drinking one. Because of this appreciation, I am glad to have come across Singapore Wine Vault and saw this as an opportunity for investment and other things that make me grow as a person. Visit their website for more information on their products and other offerings.