Be Aware of the Different Benefits of a Pallet Inverter

In most warehouses and factories, Pallets are usually moved or stored. Pallet inverters may make things in the factory or warehouse efficient, organised, and more productive while saving you money on damaged items, labour, and pallet expenses.

Pallet inverters may seem pricey at first, but they pay for themselves over time by increasing efficiency and streamlining corporate processes.

Pallet inverters are often substantial pieces of machinery, but because fewer people are required to do the task, your firm will benefit.

The time saved allows qualified workers to do their proper duties and decreases employee injuries. By only renting the bare minimum of pallets, you can reduce expenditures.

Depending upon the need and process requirement of your operation you can get a suitable pallet inverter designed by Top Industries Inc., which has supplied material handling equipment to several industries.

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What is a pallet inverter?

Pallet inverters rotate shipments of goods that have been palletized to make it possible to swap out one pallet for another. Manufacturers and distributors utilise inverters and exchangers to quickly move cargo from expensive “transport” pallets to cheaper “in-house” ones.

Because in-house processes, like the processing of food and drugs, have strict purity requirements, in-house pallets are typically more expensive.

Additionally, inverters are used to extract goods from broken or damaged pallets without causing further harm, as well as to rapidly and safely straighten sliding loads. The demand for this piece of equipment was really created as a result of the requirement to remove defective units from the bottom of a palleted load.

Production lines frequently house pallet inverters, which are typically free-standing machines. Forklifts are used to load free standing inverters, which can handle loads up to 48x48x60 inches tall and 4400 pounds in weight.

Hydraulic clamping firmly secures the weight in place as the inverter turns it 180⁰ onto another pallet or shifts it for improved alignment when the inverter is turned on by an operator.

Why pallet inverters are useful?

Pallet inverters are highly specialised pieces of equipment that reliably do their intended function. Your employees will be grateful to you for making their jobs significantly simpler with the speed of a pallet inverter.

A pallet inverter also makes better use of warehouse space because damaged goods are typically stacked up until someone has the opportunity to manually restack them.

The inverter also a load straightener as it can typically square off consignments that are improperly stacked or tilted to make them securer. It is simple to transfer raw materials to sanitary plastic pallets for internal use, and it is effective to recover damaged or broken pallets that would be dangerous on a racking system.

Specific uses of pallet inverters are:

  • Recovering broken pallets or any damaged goods lying at the bottom of a stack
  • Good housekeeping can be simplified while switching from shipping pallets to any hygienic pallets particularly for food and drug production industries.
  • Better completed product presentation when a broken unit needs to be replaced and spills cleaned up.

Top Industries Inc. is making lots of new innovations to pallet inverters and to keep posted with the latest developments you can follow on Twitter.