Importance of Pre-construction Termite Treatment in Austin

With the advancement of the construction of housing markets, contractors and builders are paying more attention to the development of unique and valuable techniques that will attract the attention of buyers. An example of this is pre-construction termite treatment that claims to prevent termite infestation in new buildings constructed for residence or commercial purposes. By hiring domestic or commercial pest control professionals, these builders offer the customer peace of mind while purchasing a new building.

What is Pre-Construction Termite Treatment?

This pre-treatment aims to prevent future termite attacks by treating the new constructions against termites and applying termiticides to the soil before the installation of the slab. 

The treatment also involves the addition of several pest control substances to the building materials, as well as treating the wood and insulation with chemicals that would repulse the infestation of various insects in the near future. Additionally, home builders also take the initiative to remove any holes and cracks that serve as a doorway to pests. 

Why is Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Important?

Cost Effective:

Termites can quickly enter the home or office space without proper treatment and cause harm to the property by penetrating through the wooden walls after chewing them. Apart from preventing valuable property, pre-construction termite treatments also eliminate the requirement of any future expenditure involved in extermination services, structural repair, and insecticides.

Ensures Hygiene of a Place:

Infestation of pests, as well as their exterminations, will not prove hygienic and might negatively affect the health of the occupants of the building if proper safety measures are not taken.

Types of Pre-Construction Treatments:

Sentricon Baiting System: 

After completing the landscaping, the Sentricon system is installed around the structure’s perimeter. The bait will prevent any future termite infestation, where the termites will die after having the bait and sharing it with their colony. 

Soil Treatment:

Soil treatment is one of the most common methods of pre-treatments for termites, where the soil is first treated with an arrow, and then the slab is installed.

Borate Treatment:

During the construction’s dried-in stage, an arrow will successfully treat the structure’s wood studs. This is also referred to as green termite treatment, a potential alternative to soil treatment.

Final Thoughts:

Buildings that underwent pre-construction termite treatments tend to receive a higher resale value. This is because such treatments offer pest-free properties to customers offering them to ensure the utmost safety in the new environment.