Gold- the gift that keeps on giving

May 9th is Mother’s day. It is one of those non-holiday important days that are celebrated globally. It is the one day we all get to remember our mothers and celebrate them. These past two years have been tough for most people. It has been hard to celebrate certain holidays and give of ourselves as much as we would like to. It has also been hard to get together with family and although Zoom and other platforms are there, they just don’t quite fill the void. This year, you might want to take some time to show the most important woman in your life- your mother that you love them. Express your love with something special, timeless, and valuable. Give the gift of gold. 

According to research, despite the hard times we’ve all had to face, people still love giving gifts. In the U.S approximately $23.1 billion went into gifts in 2018; the figure rose to $24.95 billion in 2019 and in 2020 $26.7 billion was spent on Mother’s Day gifts. We can see that the amount of money that went into gifts has progressively grown despite the hard times. 

Where’s the cash coming from?

Surprisingly, a lot of people are making money by selling their old gold for cash. Cash for gold companies is not a novel idea. They have been around for a long time. Gold always gets pushed into the spotlight whenever there is some sort of economic upheaval. This is because gold plays an important role in the economy as a shield or safe haven investment when there is uncertainty in the economy. 

Take a look inside your jewellery box. How many specific pieces have you worn in the last month or year? How many sets of earrings have been reduced to one because you’ve lost the other? And what about that promise ring that your old boyfriend gave you years ago only to break your heart down the line and not fulfill? These are all pieces of memories you might not care for. Instead of racking your brain trying to figure out where you would get the money to buy your mom a gift, it might be worthwhile to get an evaluation of the cash for gold you can get.

You can get cash for gold jewellery regardless of the condition it is. You could have a necklace with a missing link, earrings missing their pairs, even your grandmother’s old jewellery that has been collecting dust in the attic is valuable, you can sell the old gold that is useless to get the cash you need to get a really good gift for your mother this Mother’s day. It might sound strange that you would sell gold to buy new gold but remember, you are selling old useless gold. Think about it this way: gold retains its value. Buy your mom the gift of gold whether it is gold jewellery or investment grade. By selling gold you will have to know that gold does not depreciate and because the price of this precious metal goes up and down all the time, there is always a chance that your mother can use your gift of gold to get the cash she needs it..

Now that you have decided to raise cash by selling old gold, you need to know how and when to sell gold. The old gold you sell probably gets sent to a refinery, melted and impurities extracted to get gold to the purest level possible. This pure, recycled gold is reintroduced into the market as a new gold product.