You have at a time in your life experienced what is called heart palpitations. It makes you feel like your heart is throbbing, racing, pounding, or fluttering, or it might just mean you are not feeling well. I want you to see heart palpitation as a “hiccup” that happens to the heart. This is more like a brief pause, and almost immediately you are back to normal. To some people, this only happens once in a while, while some other people get to experience this again and again, and some are even as strong making them feel like having a heart attack, these heart hiccups as I stated have made some people visitors of Denver heart doctor.

A Denver heart doctor is a medical doctor that is specially trained on the issues involving the heart, just like there are other doctors with other specializations. Heart palpitation certainly has some remedies that can help reduce the risk of having it, but before starting the remedy it will be good we look into the things that can cause heart palpitation asides from the normal once in a while occurrence of it. Doctors, including a Denver heart doctor, has over and over again confirmed that stress and anxiety, panic attacks, low blood sugar, smoking and nicotine, low potassium, exercise, fever, drugs and medications, some dietary supplement, and even too much caffeine are what can increase the chance of having heart palpitation, and sometimes it can become so frequent that it becomes a thing of concern.

However, one can always avoid or prepare for heart palpitation and always get ahead of it by always maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making some adjustment as getting enough sleep to ensure reduction of stress, avoiding caffeine, avoiding taking alcohol, stopping smoking, also staying away from stimulant drugs, of all these, ensuring that stress can be put under control is one the thing that can help avoid the chances of having heart palpitation or having to visit a Denver heart doctor when it is getting out of hand. Do these to get your heartbeat back, breathe deeply, splash your face with cold water, and ensure that there is no panic as stress and anxiety will make your palpitations worse.