How are Truck Accidents Different from Other Auto Accidents?

In many ways, truck accidents are no different than other kinds of car accidents. But, there are key differences that can make truck collisions more serious and devastating for all parties involved.

As with other car accidents, many factors contribute to truck crashes, including weather, road conditions, driver error, and mechanical dysfunction of the vehicle. In addition, trucks take longer to slow down and stop because they weigh more and their brakes aren’t as effective as those in passenger cars. Dealing with trucking companies for compensation can also be a tedious job. So, you better hire a Houston truck accident Lawyer to deal with the aftermath of a truck accident.

Let us now look into different ways in which truck accidents differ from other auto accidents.

  • Truck accidents can be more severe

Trucks are larger and heavier than cars. As a result, the damage caused in the case of an accident is usually more severe. Truck accidents are more likely to cause severe injury or death. This is because of the sheer size of the truck.

  • Truck accidents can be more expensive

Compared to passenger cars, trucks require more resources, like time and money. Even if the truck is insured, it costs a lot more than a car to fix or replace after an accident happens. Also, some trucks are so large that they cannot be repaired but have to be replaced fully with another truck.

  • Battling a trucking company can be difficult

If a trucking company is at fault, it can be hard to hold them responsible for the damages caused in the accident. This is because most companies offer insurance against their negligence to shield themselves from litigation. So, you may have to deal with several insurance companies who have paid for damages caused by the trucker.

  • Truck accidents might require a more experienced legal counsel

It is important for you to get an experienced truck accident lawyer if you want to recover the damages caused in the accident. They understand how to deal with truck companies and insurance firms, how to deal with medical bills, and how to evaluate different evidence that affects your claim.

  • Truck accidents are more complicated

In other kinds of auto accidents, it is easy to figure out who is at fault and what needs to be done next. But in the case of truck accidents, it may not be as simple. Trucking companies often claim to have insurance and can try to fight you in court. So, you need a lawyer who knows how to deal with trucking companies and insurance companies.