Night Vision Optic Lifts – Improve Your Vision

Firing with an optical, particularly a red dot, is among the most significant AR platform developments. There are a variety of lenses and brackets available to fire a red dot using your AR, but some are specifically designed to be used with night vision. When firing in the dark with NODs, these night vision optic boosters improve your visual and firing experience (Night Observation Device).

Why can’t I use my existing optic configuration to shoot my AR?

Yes, you can attempt it while using night vision goggles. While shooting is always opinionated, there is equipment that can make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

Why should I use an optic if this excellent infrared laser is on my gun?

While using night vision, some snipers may target with an infrared laser. You shouldn’t get behind your optic; merely point to the light and pull the trigger. But what if your target can see IR lights/lasers and return fire? Firing through an optic while wearing night mode is a force-on-force situation. Though passive aiming night vision a range in the realm of night vision. Furthermore, lasers prefer to flare when viewed with night vision. Pointing with a red dot is simpler, and you can modify the intensity of the focus to prevent blooming and make your objective more visible, helping you to be a more accurate shooter.

Contrary to belief, your head is not exactly vertical concerning your weapon or optic. Pay close attention to where your torso goes when you target, even if you’re face up to your objective. This is why POV cameras aren’t very good. If you have ever tried on those camera glasses with the camera in the centre of the arch? Probably pick up a firearm and aim while recording footage with all those video glasses. Where the camera is aiming is not where your eyes are focused. I should be staring right at the ground given my head posture, but happily, my eyeballs are flexible. So, despite having my head down, I am staring upward or forwards through the red dot.

Assume I’m utilizing night vision goggles. Where else would NODs be if they were in the front of my face? They’d be competing for the same space as the higher recipient.

You can try aiming a typical lower 1/3 co-witness optical with night vision, but this can be difficult for certain people. The riser aids in bringing the optic into your sightline, allowing you to avoid burying your head in the pistol. Wilcox’s risers are available in two heights. Either 0.625′′ or 0.410′′. The 5/8′′ height raises the reticle to 2.215′′.

What are the capabilities of night vision goggles?

Night vision gadgets allow you see in the darkness. With decent infrared sensors and lenses you can see persons, animals, and things up to 1,000 meters distant on a dark night. Night vision optical cameras enable you take images and films of objects you can’t see in the darkness with your naked eyes.

Do nighttime vision glasses operate in absolute darkness?

Night vision goggles operate on latent heat and can work well in utter darkness as they detect the heat energy provided by diverse sources all around camera.


Night vision is heavily reliant on equipment. Having the correct equipment can assist make firing under NODs a more enjoyable and easy process.