Some Facts That Make Silver Interesting

For over two thousand years silver has been used as money all over the globe. This precious metal is believed to have been discovered 4,000 years ago in Lydia or moder-day Turkey. It started to be used as currency some 2,000 years later. Silver has been used as currency for so long and by so many people the words silver and money so much so that the word “silver” is used interchangeably with the word “money.”

Silver is the number-one material in thousands of industrial applications. These applications include photography, medical applications, automobile manufacturing, and the alternative clean energy industry. A good chunk of it is sold to investors. Most people who invest in silver bullion do so over a long period of time. When the price of silver has grown enough or when the investor needs to liquidate for whatever reason you will find a whole cottage industry that has emerged to make it easy to sell silver bullion Brisbane.

Silver is not only a metal that is good enough for industrial applications. This precious metal has anti-microbial properties. Silver has been used for water purification in ancient Greece and Rome. To purify water and sometimes milk, people would put a silver coin in a water flask. This works so well that some people would put silver coins in milk cartons to stop the milk from spoiling.

The silver market has been steadily growing in the last decade. Silver has had double-digit gains in 10 years. Experts believe that the silver bullion market’s bull run is only on the brink of making the most incredible run.

Somewhere in the world, a silver quarter is being used to pay for something. If the spot price of silver is $23 one silver quarter is worth $4.14. That is enough to buy one gallon of petrol in the U.S. 

According to geologists, there are 17 ounces of silver available for every ounce of gold. However, the current gold/silver ratio hovers around 80:1. If the real ratio was reflected in the actual price, considering the same amount of money was going to both metals then the price of silver should be $105.10 at $1,800 gold. 

Silver investment has a low entry point compared to gold. Silver is often referred to as the poor man’s gold. This is because it is cheaper to begin investing in this precious metal than to begin investing in gold. The average person looking to get into the investment game will find silver more affordable and less cumbersome to invest in. It is also much easier to liquidate silver than it is to liquidate gold. 

Silver has a tiny market. Approximately 3 to 4 billion dollars are spent on silver as an investment asset. Compared to other asset classes, this is a drop in the ocean. Still, the number of people looking to buy or sell silver bullion Brisbane is growing steadily. 

Fiat currencies have no intrinsic value. It takes most currency approximately 30 years and longer to return to zero. This has been true since the concept of fiat currency or paper money was conceived. It’s only a matter of time before the current global paper monies lose value making it possible for gold and silver to return as currency.

Major governments across the globe practice quantitative easing by printing more of their currencies to boost their local economies and gain export advantage. Billions of dollars are printed every month but in the long run, all that money might not even be worth the paper it is printed on.