Survive In Playing Minecraft With The Best Faction Servers Minecraft

Many people prefer “Faction” or “Raiding” multiplayer servers in Minecraft because of their unique gameplay and survival aspects. Discovering a treasure trove filled with someone else’s unclaimed property is always a blast. Based on the years of PVP and base-building expertise, this book will cover everything from the best methods to start on the Best Faction Servers Minecraft

It is usual for a person to set up a base a thousand blocks distant from the spawning place where all players spend time. They would dig in and refuse to go. This is a common blunder that many newcomers make. Before the weekend, you’ll be swarmed. At the very least, you should be at least 5,000 blocks away from the spawn.

Most servers will not let new players use this feature, but if you do, make sure your coordinates are far from the spawn point before utilizing it. A minimum of 15,000 blocks is suggested as a safe distance. Even though it’s a long way to walk, using a boat gets you there considerably quicker. There is a limit to how far someone will go to rob your chests if they are seeking them.

Having confirmed that you are a safe distance from the spawn place, make sure you are not near any other base. Now, the location of your headquarters is critical. A vast ocean would be ideal, but make sure there is land nearby so that you may harvest any resources that cannot be found in the water. After selecting a suitable site, decide whether your base will be above or below ground.

Creating A Base

It’s dangerous to build an above-ground foundation on land. Your best chance is to build your fort on a ledge or other elevated area. The map height was increased from 128 blocks above bedrock to 256 blocks above bedrock in Best Faction Servers Minecraft. Now that they can’t be seen and reached, sky bases become a powerful weapon. A sky base seems to be a cloud from the water’s surface.

The height, not the breadth, of your sky base, should be your primary concern. With a broad base, everybody can see the shadow it throws clearly. Using the F3 function, you should position your base’s lowest layer at the height of 220 – 230 blocks (or 160-170 blocks) above sea level, depending on your Y coordinate.

Build up, not out, after you have the floor for your foundation this far above the earth. A tall base does not throw a tall shadow, while one with a broad base does. Once your base’s floor has been constructed, look at it from the ground level. It should seem to be nothing more than a cloud from the ground up.