How To Install A Badminton Court At Your Home

For decades, badminton has been one of the favorite gameplay for people. Respective of country, this sport has acquired a place in their mind. Along with outdoor now people want to install their badminton courts in back of their backyards. The badminton lovers find it convenient to play and practice in their backyard whenever they want. The court facilitates traction and padding to badminton lovers. Apart from that, it provides them with safety and protection. People near The Street Ratchada mostly prefer to install their badminton court in their own home.

Things Need For Installing Badminton Court

  • Stakes
  • Badminton Set.
  • Birdies And Racquets.
  • Measuring Tapes Length Of 100 Feet.
  • For Marking The Court, You Need Spray Paint.
  • Hammer For Stakes.

How To Install A Badminton Court In The Backyard Area

Decide to install area- first, you need to decide to install area. In the case of a small backyard, you have only the option to install it in the middle; otherwise, you can select a site with bigger space. Remove the grasses, sand, or dirt. Make sure to remove it as it creates difficulty playing and causes injury. The standard size of a badminton court is 81.801 sq.m. Make sure you have such space.

Set your badminton net- this step is the crucial one as setting badminton net is not an easy task as it needs effort and time to fix it. For developing the net, you need a net and two poles. At first, set up the poles on both sides, and the yield from the center must be 5 feet high and 5.1 feet high from its bar.

Make boundaries line- make boundary lines with the help of spray paint or chalk in The Street Ratchada. Start making it with an outermost line with a length of 20*40 ft. wide. Along with the outer tube, make sidelines with it. They make front and back services lines horizontal to the badminton net. For dividing the players, divide the court from the outermost middle line.

Install the lights- having a badminton court in your backyard make it easy to play whenever you want. Hence you need to install a floodlight in your badminton court. For starters, it’s beneficial to use natural court light with correct brightness.


People who prefer to play badminton can install it in The Street Ratchada. Especially for the beginner as they can practice day or night, and it offers convenience to play and is easy to install.