What are the Adventurous Activities People Look at in Holiday & Adventure Resorts Near Mumbai?


Isn’t it a great feeling when you get to do your favorite adventure sports nearest to your location? People working in Pune, Mumbai get tired of the routine because of the hectic city life. Hence, look for an easy getaway that is nearest to their location and full of all the fun activities. Due to this many holiday and adventure resorts near Mumbai and Pune are gaining popularity these days. They provide various fun and adventurous activities best for all age groups of people. From kids to old age people, everyone enjoys their stay and spends quality time amid nature. But what if you have reached some holiday resort and do not get what you dreamt of. Hence, it is very important to the resort must have all the adventurous activities. Here is the list of some of them:

  • Burma Bridge: This is a fun-filled activity for the ones who love to try something new. Mostly, the setup is done over small water channels where people have to cross a bridge made of thick ropes. They have to hold on to the two-sided rope while walking over the bridge. The resorts provide all the safety accessories like helmets and are connected with a harness. It is done under expert supervision.
  • Artificial Wall Climbing: Another fun activity for height lovers. You have to climb a high wall approximately 35 feet in height by keeping your legs on artificial rocks. The activity encourages team spirit and helps in fighting the fear of heights. It boosts self-confidence as well.
  • White Water Rafting: It is the most adventurous activity among all provided by various adventure resorts near Mumbai that are located near the rivers. It gives an adrenaline rush to the people who experience rafting in water waters. It is done under the supervision of experts and all the safety measures are checked very consciously. It increases team bonding between people as they have to row the rubber boat all together while helping each other to not fall into the river.
  • Trekking: It is the most loved activity enjoyed by all age groups of people. The surrounding near Mumbai and Pune are filled with beautiful mountains and they become more attractive on rainy days. People love to trek with a group of friends and hence, adventure resorts near Mumbai and Pune must have this activity added to their list. By doing this activity, you get to explore various new locations along with your friends and family members. If it is done in the right season, the mesmerizing scenic beauty of mountains and lakes will take you to another world. 
  • Target Shooting: This activity tests your concentration power. You have to shoot the target from a certain distance using simple air guns. When the pallet hit the metal-based target, a beautiful tingling sound comes out of it that proves that target is been hit. This fun activity can be enjoyed with friends by competing with each other. 

Before checking in to any holiday resort near Mumbai, check for all these adventure sports to have more fun with your friends and family. Visit Empower Camp.