What Is Testogen And How Does It Work?

Testogen is a product that is made of natural plant extracts and it claims to give you a 12-hour boost in testosterone. It comes with an additional pill, its strongest dosage, which will supposedly have your levels go through the roof. This Testogen instant booster drops has been available recently and has taken the consumer market by storm.

Price & Quantity

The cost of this product ranges from $11-$29.99, depending on the quantity ordered (1 bottle) or how long it’s been since you have purchased it last time (rejuvinated). The standard offering is 120 capsules; these bottles amount to more than $14 per pill. It is said that the 750 mg pill will provide a noticeable increase in testosterone levels.

How Does It Work?

Testogen is said to be made from natural herbs that are known to have testosterone building capabilities. The manufacturers claim that the ingredients work together to create a compound which will give you increased testosterone levels and strength gains for hours at a time.

These claims are backed up by clinical studies where the active ingredients found in this supplement were tested thoroughly, on both animals and humans. In several of these tests, it was shown that the active ingredients present in Testogen work together to increase levels of testosterone, through direct action on receptors and muscle cells.

This supplement is said to work quickly, and people have been able to get noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks.


The biggest pro with this product is that it offers a safe and effective way of increasing testosterone levels. Every single ingredient in this supplement has been proven safe by both animal and human studies, so there’s no reason to worry about the safety of using it. It also offers a high level of convenience, provided that you purchase the correct amounts, at the correct time. Most customers love the fast results they have gotten from using this brand, and they claim that the results are consistent with other supplements which are known for giving immediate effects.

This product is also made in the USA, which adds to its credibility.


One of the biggest cons with this product is the high price point. The makers of Testogen believe that their product is a premium one, and that they have to charge premium prices for it. This could be true since you will not find another similar supplement with such a high price point. A customer also needs to have patience if he wishes to see results as quickly as possible. If you use this supplement regularly, but don’t notice any results in 2 weeks, you will need to wait another two weeks before deciding whether or not it works for you.