It is important to get suitable wholesale nursery pots when planning out your garden or planning to raise some beautiful flowers or vegetables on your balcony or deck or even in your garden. As much as you carefully choose those wholesale nursery pots it is also important that the survival of the plants is factored in. We have all observed it happen one or more times how a plant that looked so lush and lovely in the store dies once it enters our home. Sometimes, this fear can make someone wary, or you’ve seen enough house plants die even after transplanting them into the most suitable wholesale nursery pots and this has made you never want to try again, let alone give one to your friends or family as a gift. However, the truth is houseplants do survive and they can as well survive in your hands. That is why we will be considering a few tips that can ensure the survival of your house plants in wholesale nursery pots.

Most problems that happen to our houseplants usually fall into two categories, benign neglect or death by kindness, the first happens as a result of forgetfulness sometimes we forget the things that our house plant needs to survive and the other is an oversupply of what is necessary. As important as water and light are important to the survival of our house plant. We must also pay attention to the adequate proportion that is needed to ensure the survival of each plant’s different plants with different requirements and that is the same with their sizes and that is why wholesale nursery pots come in different sizes. That aside what are the things that ensure the survival of our house plants?

  1. Movement: I know you are already thinking about which type of movement, sometimes the speed with which we move our plants from the container they came with into another wholesale nursery pot is the reason they do not survive. Please, do not get me wrong I am not saying wholesale nursery pots are bad, of course, you know they are not, but then you have to relax sometimes and let them breathe even after you have gotten them you may have to leave them for a while before transplanting them into their permanent base. Also, ensure that during the process of transplanting you do it carefully and according to instructions.
  2. Water: you are to water the plant not to drown it, sometimes well-meaning people out of the largeness of their kindness drown plants with excessive water thinking they are helping the plants, there is always an adequate water supply for every plant. It is safe to find out the adequate water supply for your plant and do just that, and do it properly.
  3. Light: This is another important survival mechanism for our plants, we must understand that indoor plants need light to survive, except for a few exceptions such as the planting of cactus that does not require hot sun, every other plant requires to be exposed to light for survival.