What You Need To Know About Chestnut-Shaped Lips

Are you searching for some trendy fashion statement that could turn heads? Why not try horn-shaped lips? This trendy fashion statement is an ideal option for men who desire to look unique among the crowd. It seems not only stylish but is also versatile and you could wear the trendy outlook anytime or on any occasion. Are you worried about how it would look on your face? No need to worry, as there is a huge variety of horn chestnut-shaped tips for men (ปากกระจับ ผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) to choose from.

What Are Horn Chestnut Lips?

Lips are the most defining characteristics that depict male and female beauty and attractiveness. Moreover, horn chestnut-shaped lips are a type of surgical procedure to make upper lips into a chestnut shape. In this surgical procedure, the upper lips are made to curve upwards while the central part of the lips curves downward just likes a bow.

Upper lips depict teeth that seem to be a most youthful attractive outlook. Try out the horn chestnut-shaped lip and entirely change your outlook. No matter what type of mouth you possess, horn chestnut-shaped lips depict the upper lip in an M shape, while the lower lip’s corners are raised. The type of horn chestnut-shaped lip style is shaped as per your chosen design and reference. After proper evaluation of your lips only you could achieve a horn chestnut-shaped lip.

Things To Consider Before Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lips

  • Make sure to shave before shaving, as it would provide easy cleanup and care of a wound after the surgical procedure.
  • Avoid intake of dietary supplements, vitamins, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs that could impact blood clotting, especially one month before the procedure.
  • Make sure to fetch a history of food allergy, drug allergy, or regular drug usage and a history of any congenital disease.
  • Avoid the consumption of coffee or tea one day before the surgical procedure.
  • Ensure to take enough rest and sleep.
  • Suggested eating soft food.
  • Prevent strenuous exercise that could show an impact on the surgery site for almost six to eight weeks.
  • Ensure to massage properly over the surgical area to prevent fibrosis.


Horn chestnut-shaped lips are becoming in much demand nowadays and it provides a trendier outlook, and the most popular among these is a sexy and manly lip style. These types of lips make men more fashionable. Make sure to follow every minute of instruction before the surgical procedure to avoid any type of harmful circumstance.