Why Is EPL The Best? What Sets It Apart?

English Premier League or EPL is believed to be the best football league around the world. Does this title have any credibility? There is a debate that says that EPL has gained huge popularity because of massive TV coverage. Does this set the basis to declare EPL as the best? Are there no other nations that have equivalent promotional power?

You cannot measure football with only dollars. Think about the competition, atmosphere, passion, and unpredictability. Read about England premier league football (ฟุตบอล พรีเมียร์ ลีก อังกฤษ, term in Thai) in detail on Tungame.com. It is a football news website, where you can get the latest news and analysis on EPL and UEFA.

What sets EPL apart?


Are the best players playing in EPL? No, currently the top two elite players may be playing in some other countries. Never measure a football game based on individual excellence because it is a team game. Take into consideration the total number of excellent internationals in top teams of every league to determine their in-depth strength. It is the EPL.

Tournament internationals

EPL has more elite international players than the World Cup tournaments. The EPL is ahead of other leagues when it comes to bringing crème de la crème for every major competition.


EPL has hot competition – Manchester Utd, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur. Out of the top six clubs, a minimum of four have the chance to win, while two are solid underdogs. Such solid competition is hardly found anywhere other than EPL.

The stadium

There is no need to travel to a first-class stadium. The top 10 clubs where EPL is played have excellent home grounds to play football all season. The seating, viewing, and other facilities are exceptional. Even small clubs have high-standard stadiums designed for hosting EPLs.

TV coverage

Today, 600 million fans watch EPL from approximately 200 countries. The matches are broadcasted live and international broadcast income is enormous. The special aspect of the premier league is they are collectively distributed amongst 20 clubs. Alternatively, in other leagues, the dollars go to an individual club that has the most coverage.


In Europe, EPL does not have the highest Goals: Games ratio but this honor is maintained by Eredivisie [Netherland] with more than three goals per game. Unfortunately, the goal per game consistency reveals the defender’s quality. Unlike Dutch defenders, the English league defenders are clumsy players but tackle meanly and never give strikers space. It means strikers have to work hard for every goal and earn a score.

EPL styles

Different clubs show different styles.

  • Manchester City players have developed their personal style of potent attacking, which has paid off.
  • Arsenal has played a quick and short passing game.
  • Liverpool’s past victory is based on classic pass & move depending on solid midfield running.
  • Chelsea is all in for defensive and counter-attacking style.

In EPL, there is no dull moment! Playing EPL offers the players a chance to absorb the historic vibes while working with the modern style of the same profession.