Improving Home Safety with Smart Home Devices

It usually never occurs to us that smart home devices can work in great favor of home security and safety for homeowners. We always laud these devices as being the inexpensive means of automating our homes, and why? That is because smart devices are easily available to the domestic market, and at very affordable rates – not to mention, they are quite easy to install which makes the whole process of home automation ten times easier than it would have been a decade ago.

Other than the home automation benefit, smart homes are great for energy efficiency purposes and as we mentioned already, home safety and security. Devices like smart thermostats and smart lights make it possible for homeowners to control their devices even when they are not home, and to cut back on those utility bills over time. Isn’t that a win? So how do smart devices contribute to the safety and security of a home?

Here’s how. The following are just a few examples of Smart Devices that can serve as an aide to your already existing home security systems in place – if you have any.

Smart Smoke Detectors

What’s better than a regular smoke detector? A smart one obviously! Why should you swap out your perfectly okay smoke detector with a smart one then? Well, with regular smoke detectors, you don’t get the best of all types of smoke detectors. There are two types: ionization and photoelectric, and then there are those that are installed separately for picking up on gas leaks like carbon monoxide.

A smart smoke detector combines the role of all – it can pick up on anything from a smoldering to a fast-burning fire, and any carbon monoxide leaks as well, and from a pretty wide range might we add. So if one alarm goes off, they all do and the best part is, just like all smart devices Smart Smoke Detectors feature their own associated mobile apps that also receive alerts in real-time when any potential hazard has been detected. Smart smoke detectors also serve as a motion sensor hallway light, like the Google Nest Protect,, for example, giving a warm glow in the middle of the night as you make your way to the bathroom.

Smart Cameras

Of course surveillance cameras are the go-to for home security. We install them in every corner outside our homes if we ever take that step, but what if we told you that you could install cameras within your home and discreetly too? Because that is possible with Smart Cameras!

Smart Cameras are available in wired and battery variants, the battery ones being wireless which can be placed practically wherever you want to put them – between books on a shelf, on your dresser, anywhere! And here’s the greatest bit, the video feed for smart cameras are accessible through their associated mobile applications straight from our smartphones. These cameras also feature two-way audio for easy communication purposes. So it basically makes it easier for you to speak to the cleaning lady when she comes in, in the morning, or watch over the kids when they come home from school.

But smart cameras aren’t just meant for indoors. They are weatherproof that means installing them outside won’t be a problem either. And with HD video including night vision, you won’t miss out on anything in the after dark hours. Other features of course depend on the brand of the device itself, like the Nest Camera by Google sends in alerts to your phones whenever it detects movement within the activity zone.

Smart Door Locks

A keyless and tamperproof way to secure your home is with smart door locks. With the accessibility of lock-picking tutorials so easily out there on YouTube, why shouldn’t you secure your homes with a smart lock instead? In fact, it would also save you the trouble of panicking over whether you locked the door after you left the house or already got into bed.

Smart Locks feature different types. There are those that require personalized passcodes to be punched into keypads at the door, then there are also those that you can unlock from the mobile app which makes it easy for you to unlock your door for visitors while you can’t physically open the door yourself. Some smart door locks also use your phone location in order to lock and unlock themselves automatically. This also means no more lending keys or even passcodes to people all the time. Some smart locks allow homeowners to generate temporary passcodes to lend to friends and family for those times where you’re already occupied.


Investing in smart home devices can go a long way for any home. And these three are merely just some of the commonly found smart devices in homes across the United States, but also ones that work in favor of every homeowner. Watch over your homes from the office, from your living room couch or even while you’re in vacation all thanks to the technology of smart home devices! Head on over to today and view their smart home catalogue for more devices. Surely you’ll find something that would work for your home.