The Absolute Summer Must-Have: Linen Shirts For Men


Linen shirts are appropriate for practically any occasion and time of day. They’re one of the most versatile, breathable, long-lasting, and fashionable shirts. The cloth itself is centuries old, made in Egypt thousands of years ago from natural flax fibres. For a long time, they primarily used linen in bedding and textiles, and it was sheet fabric, not shirt cloth. Then came the 1990s, and men’s linen shirts became a worldwide fashion icon: the unofficial garment of Mediterranean summers and delicately dishevelled wealth.


Linen shirts are often slightly more expensive than cotton shirts because linen is more difficult to procure and manufacture. You can purchase linen/cotton blend shirts, but you lose a lot of linen’s natural benefits. So, if at all possible, stick to the pure thing. Why? Because linen is the miraculous fabric of nature. The linen weave allows for more airflow than cotton, making the shirt more breathable. It wicks moisture away from your skin while also being quick-drying. Linen has a smaller environmental effect than cotton, and it has inherent antimicrobial characteristics (to a point—you should still wash your linen clothes).


Linen shirts are lightweight and breathable, ideal for spring and summer. You can wear a linen shirt in the cold, but you’ll need to layer up. When it comes to men’s linen shirts, the greatest style advice is to think airy and light. Allow the shirt to do most of the talking, and don’t overburden it with layers, distractions, or accessories.

  • Suit And Linen Shirt

Most linen shirts are smart casual,’ but you may also find linen business shirts for the office. They’re a wonderful summer alternative when the weather heats up, and you’re sweating on the way to work. Long-sleeve linen shirts with a cutaway neck, a trim fit, and a good shoulder structure are ideal. Remove your tie and put on your favourite suit jacket.

  • Shirt And Shorts Made Of Linen

Linen shirts and shorts are a match made in heaven. It’s difficult to go too far wrong. Unbutton a sand or blue linen shirt and combine it with your favourite cotton chino shorts. Boat shoes, driving shoes, sandals, or sockless loafers complete the appearance. It’s a breezy (but extremely stylish) summer look that you can wear to the beach, the pub, or a backyard barbecue.

  • Jeans And A Linen Shirt

Jeans and linen shirts go together, of course. Jeans look great with anything. However, there is a correct and incorrect path to choose. First and foremost, you must consider yourself slender. You want slim-fit pants and a well-fitted shirt; if the cloth bulges out from your shoulder blades, your linen is far too large. Choose your favourite colour (khaki, white, navy, sand, or pink are all winners) and pair it with white lace-up sneakers.

  • Chinos And A Linen Shirt

Our favourite combination. Something about a clean white linen shirt with tan or khaki chinos just works, and they are natural best friends. As with jeans, make sure your pants and shirt fit properly and leave your sheets untucked. Complete the appearance by cuffing your chinos (a double or pin roll cuff works best) and wearing sockless loafers or lightweight espadrilles.

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